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Beginner / Intermediate ONE DAY, CLASS 2-4 Colorado’s Arkansas River offers some of the best beginner to intermediate whitewater in the world.Raft through Browns Canyon National Monument near Buena Vista, or Bighorn Sheep Canyon near the Royal Gorge.

"Distance running breaks down the muscles in the body and can result in a loss of strength, which in the end can slow you down," says Justin Klein, C. While most strength-training programs will be beneficial to a point, runners should look to tailor their routine to their marathon goals.

This includes adjusting their lifting schedule to mirror their running training.

Apart from an underdeveloped body, a running or cycling program that lacks strength training for the legs also leads to injury: Runners tend to develop tight calves and shin splints, while cyclists often have weak glutes and tight hip flexors and/or hamstrings from sitting on the saddle long term.

Sprint cyclists, with their giant legs, are also exceptional athletes who do extreme amounts of work—and you can bet that they also weight-train their legs. Doing a strength workout before cardio is a great way to build resilience, she adds, since you learn to run well with fatigued legs.

People who spread the rumor that if you run and cycle, you don't need to train legs, are afraid of squats.

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