Updating customer records forms Amature chat

by  |  22-Oct-2019 14:02

First, change the Subcription Update form to include the fields you need.

Go to Lists, then click the dropdown on the far right and select Advanced Settings.

When some forms were replaced by Java HTML screens, you could identify some of this information via the 'About this Page' hyperlink at the bottom left hand corner of the HTML page.

You could enable this by enabling the FND: Diagnostics profile option, but many customers found this had an adverse effect on performance and additionally was not user-friendly.

Once I submit that form, the contact's details are updated. Hi Andrew, I'm sure there are several ways to tackle this, but here are a couple ideas that may work.

If you primarily want contacts to be able to update their data.

Or, type a record number in the yellow cell, to view that record number Instead of scrolling through all the records, you can select a specific record, based on its ID number.

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