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When Chandler came to her son’s gender reveal party on Seeing Caryn here threw me for a loop more than I would have liked.Little People Big World's Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have become first-time homeowners ahead of becoming first-time parents.

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When Roloff asked Marek about their first six months together, his reply that he would just take the future months as they come left Roloff a little uneasy. #secondact #memorialdayweekend2017🇺🇸 #taketimeformoments #imthankful #godisgood #familyandfriends #grandmatimetoo.

But, it looks like the couple is still going strong. And, it looks like that Marek gets along well with Roloff’s friends and family.

'The pretty brunette also commented that 'nesting is in full force,' which explained her recent desire to renovate her kitchen.

Roloff has also recently began working on her baby boy's room, painting a serene grey mountain landscape on one wall.

The home, built in 1968, is definitely a full-time project for Jeremy and Audrey, and will need a nursery soon.

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