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Always gotta go with Pittsburgh otherwise Uncle Terry will be giving me the stink eye over the potato salad at our next family reunion.

My last name is BRADSHAW as in Terry Bradshaw (great Steelers QB from the 1970s).

No matter how hard the children tried to pay off their parent’s debt, the debt wouldn’t budge. After all, they weren’t the ones who caused the debt. The landlord, in his great mercy, decided to write out a check and write off the debt and any future debts that the children might come under.

William, 24, and 25-year-old Kate, who had been together for several years, faced huge pressures in the public spotlight, with Kate looking likely to one day be Queen.

A "close friend" of the Prince and Miss Middleton told The Sun newspaper: "As far as Kate is concerned, William simply hasn't been paying her enough attention."Kate feels hugely frustrated that their relationship just seems to be going backwards at a rate of knots."A source confirmed the relationship had broken down, adding simply "That's life."William passed out from Sandhurst as an Army officer last December and started his training to be a armoured troop commander in Camp Bovington Dorset on March 16, leaving the couple seeing each other no more than once a week.

I'm Elizabeth (or Lizzie, of course) and you can learn more about me on my main blog: PINKBLACKNBLONDE and my my about me page.

I am an artist and a storyteller and have a passion for photography and film so I decided to create a space just for them.

So feel free to look around and thank you for stopping by!

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