Who is supermac18 dating microsoft essentials not updating

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The extremely popular (and rude) rumor that Jenn somehow had a fling with Andrea’s ex Kian Lawley started spreading everywhere.

In late 2009, she joined the group, My Collab where she gained a lot of subscribers.

My Collab was created by youtube supermac18 and other members like mutantboyfriend (Jonah Green), Ohitsdalton, imdaviddalen (not active) and TCProductions X (which is no longer active) but was sadly ended when issues arose between Dalton and supermac18.

A fourteen year old boy who's been on youtube for two years making stupid but very very funny videos.

He's adorable and will be extremely famous one day.

They even went on Twitter and Instagram to post these photos together. Nobody has any idea what actually transpired between (previously) best friends Jenn Mc Allister and Andrea Russett a few years back.

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