Kuroki meisa akanishi jin dating Brazilian chat video

by  |  09-Dec-2019 22:39

are both reporting this morning that recently rumored hot and heavy new celebrity couple of Akanishi Jin and Kuroki Meisa were not only dating, they were getting married AND she was two months pregnant. At least he’s doing right by her, and they are going public rather than skulking around.

Jin left I don’t have much to say, other than, er…..congrats?!?

The Sankei Sports newspaper was told that Akanishi and Kuroki were there with a group of friends.

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Yesterday, the Sports Nippon newspaper got the scoop on a potential romance between Akanishi Jin (27) and Kuroki Meisa (23).

The two were seen together on a date at Tokyo Disney Sea on January 22, but naturally, their agencies have denied that their relationship is romantic.

So many other J-idols/actors are getting a shotgun marriage when their pregnant after a few months dating and get a divorce the next year.

However, just two weeks ago there were also rumours about how Meisa cheated on Jin with Oguri (who is married to Yuu Yamada).

I hope they end up married forever and have this one and many more babies.

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