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On this websait are not allowed materials that show abuse, children pornography and other similar materials forbidden by the laws of the republic of Bulgaria.

When it comes to shaping health and social policies, rarely are the voices of those excluded and marginalized from society heard in these discussions.

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The expulsion of the Turks in the early 20th century from Prespa brought nation-states – Greece, Albania, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia — and, with them, a bureaucratic incursion that brought few discernible improvements to the Prespians’ lives, but an historical amnesia that today makes for a rather peculiar situation.

At an educated guess, I probably think about food five times more than men think about sex.

The option of missing a meal is beyond me; some mornings I will drag myself out of bed so I can eat breakfast at the ideal time for me to be hungry again in time for my (usually scheduled) lunch.

I´m not just about the eating either: I love learning how to make it, discovering the places that sell it, buying the ingredients to create it, watching the pros plate it, making my friends drool by photographing it and, as you’ve probably guessed by now, talking about it.

A crescent-shaped pane of deep blue, it’s the highest body of water in the Balkans, cut off from the rest of the peninsula by glacial crags and alpine forests. Greece was a capitalist nation, Macedonia a socialist republic, Albania a totalitarian state. In Stenje, a village on Prespa’s Macedonian shore, I entered the Riba Hotel.

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