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I'm not sure that Saheeli Rai can go much higher than she is today.

While not as extreme as Saheeli Rai, two other potential combo pieces for Standard increased this week as well.

I always enjoy delving into the rich history of the game, to see where it’s come from and how it’s grown in depth and texture over the years.

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Of course, there are other decks (like Infect, GW Hatebears, Amulet of Vigor, Ad Nauseam, and so on) but those never see a ton of play, so let's focus on the decks listed above.

The biggest changes are (1) the fall of Zoo, (2) the rise of Tron, and (3) the rise of UR Delver. Zoo used to be a good matchup, so it's unfortunate that it has gotten less popular.

Wandering Fumarole, which can help make Consulate Crackdown infinitely big, jumped 12%, while Animation Module (which forms a Thopter / Sword like combo with Metallic Mimic) is creeping towards $1 after being complete bulk a few days ago.

While both of these combos seem like long shots, especially in comparison to going infinite with Saheeli Rai or casting an Emrakul, the Promised End with Aetherworks Marvel on turn four, if either ends up being tier one in Standard, all of the combo pieces have more room to grow.

The Airdrop Aeronauts dangle some lifegain in front of you, while the Silkweaver Elite can replace itself in your hand.

Updating tezzeret

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