Who is rebbie jackson dating

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Bill Cosby has been the subject of lawsuits over the current sex assault scandals and allegations against him. READ MORE One half of Floetry, Marsha Ambrosius, has a lot to celebrate these days.

Nowadays Stacee tends to shy away from the limelight more than her younger sister, Yashi.

Rebbie’s daughter, Yashi, is Rebbie’s and Nathaniel’s second born child and she’s 38 years old.

Rebbie married her husband, Nathaniel Brown, when she was 18.

She is now 65, so they were married for 45 years, up until Nathaniel’s unfortunate passing in January of 2013 from cancer. As of today, August 7, 2017, Usher’s legal problems regarding accusations that he infected some people with the herpes simplex 2 virus, just took a weird turn that has many asking questions. READ MORE For the past few decades most of us, true Lauryn Hill fans, have been waiting for her to drop a new album and show these so called new-school singers/rappers out here how it’s really done. READ MORE We’ve all heard of stupid lawsuits, but this one right here put the ‘stu’ in stupid.

In 2011 she released a book about her life living with bipolar disorder.

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