Dating agency in warwickshire

by  |  15-Apr-2020 12:03

It takes great courage for some of us to take this leap of faith; for me it has been successful.

For 'seekers' everywhere - have faith and good luck.

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Ultimate Attraction is aimed only at those in professional roles, business owners, academics, those of entirely independent means or the affluent early retired.

It is an extremely confidential and totally discreet service, offered only through our most Senior Personal Matchmaker.

It is a 2 year membership but with a guarantee that we will continue to work with you free of charge, beyond this point should it be necessary.

Each client that joins Ultimate Attraction, is carefully checked out and thoroughly vetted before any type of introduction is made, it also includes the services of a specialist Dating Headhunter, who will work with your Matchmaker to provide a dedicated service to locate the very best matches that we can in terms of the criteria that you have selected.

We’d like to think we have a modern outlook and feel we are perhaps a little racier than some of the very traditional agencies.

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