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Ask anyone about their tattoos or piercings, they will tell you how it reflects their personality. If these things do not reflect your personality that means you are just doing it to appear "cool" and "trendy". In any way it's a reflection of your personality. We did this over several months, so the dataset has about N=70k.

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Private piercings are more popular than ever, so don’t be too surprised if an otherwise vanilla lawyer reveals he’s packing a pair of pierced nipples or steel chunks in his junk beneath that Brooks Brothers’ suit.

Worried about how you’ll come across should you stumble upon a genital piercing?

(Lydia and Danny have shenanigans, and deal with dumb boys.) Shiro has a secret.

He’s trying to keep this from his team, while upholding being the Black Paladin. Lance and Keith accidentally find out about Shiro’s secret.

Worse, this selection gets stronger as the sample size decreases because smarter people tend to answer more questions.

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