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Boys is a 2003 Indian Tamil coming-of-age film directed by S. It stars newcomers Siddarth, Genelia, Bharath, Nakul, Manikandan and Sai Srinivas Thaman in the lead roles. The film conveys a message about the importance of a good education and career over other distractions, such as romance and sex. The story centers on six youngsters, who experience the downfalls of teenage life.

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Boys was simultaneously released in Telugu as well with the same title.

Despite all of its lead characters being debutantes, the film was the second most expensive Tamil film produced at that time, only behind Shankar's own 1998 film Jeans.

And she she saw his sweet smile, she completely regretted breaking up with him. If you can relate, show him you see through his faux apologies, just like Taylor did in this song.

Even though Taylor Squared didn't equal lasting love, every relationship is different. Lyrics To Learn From: Song: "Begin Again" Song History: A bad breakup can feel like the worst thing in the world and it can be hard to imagine ever crushing on a new guy. Lyrics To Learn From: Song: "Should've Said No" Song History: Taylor's romantic vacation to the Virgin Islands with boyfriend Harry Styles quickly turned from a dream to a nightmare when a fight caused the couple to call it quits—after Harry hit the hot tub with a few other girls.

If you Song: "All Too Well" Song History: Taylor really thought Jake Gyllenhaal was "the one," which is why it was so hard for her to let him go. After Taylor and Jake broke up, she thought she would never date again. While this song isn't actually about Harry, we think it totally applies.

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