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By the end of this intense one-act play you will have changed the course of Grace and Trip’s lives – motivating you to re-play the drama to find out how your interaction could make things turn out differently the next time.This work is unlike hypertext narrative or interactive fiction to date in that the computer characters actively perform the story without waiting for you to click on a link or enter a command.He’s handsome and self-confident and apparently successful.

All other iodine radioisotopes have half-lives less than 60 days, and four of these are used as tracers and therapeutic agents in medicine.

These are I (half-life 8 days) is one of the common radioactive fission-products of nuclear fission, and is thus produced inadvertently in very large amounts inside nuclear reactors.

Enforced requisite: satisfaction of Entry-Level Writing requirement.

Examination of foundations of communication and public speaking.

was publicly released as a freeware download / cd-rom in July 2005.

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