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I check the blocked list and it is very long but emails in there still arrive. The program integrates into the task bar but doesn't actually sort anything. Your best bet is if you don't know the answer, just move on. Windows 10 Pro, MS Office 365 Version16.0.7167.2060, Norton Security with all updates as well. Will dig deeper and see if I can find the supposed solutions in these forums. Some people think they need Outlook to check their web based email. But if you have your own domain and email then yes.I was also wondering if there is a file name length issue for very long email addresses that are spam, a carry over from earlier days of limited length file names? All Outlook does is get your email from your email provider such as Yahoo or Gmail. When I tell it for the hundredth time a particular email is spam it will put it in the spam folder, and empty when that button is pushed. Google does try to rule the world but not in this case. Same Norton Anti-Spam behaviour here... was working fine and then it seemed to stop working on 10 September.King regards, Cathryn Nash Chief Technology Officer e-mail: [email protected] has a attachment, all have one, "" in this case.

Just for a “worst case scenario” I’ve put in some public folders and I’ve got some Outlook 2003 clients. Make sure before you start, you have the Exchange 2010 media and unlock code, you don’t want to download the media on a site with a slow internet connection, (at time of writing the disk image is 1GB in size). If your existing domain controllers are all x32, and you are also upgrading domain controllers, during the process, Then you will be extending the domain schema (i.e.

it’s not 2003 R2 or 2008) then make sure you have x32 bit Windows media with you (Note: 20 R1 only, as 2008 R2 is all x64 bit). You domain and forest functional levels need to be (at least) Windows Server 2003, before you start the migration. Make sure any third party anti virus and/or mail scanning software is supported and will work on Exchange 2010, and you have the media and licences handy. You will need to install on a x64 bit server, make sure you have a server capable, and Windows x64 bit media with licences. Before you even think about going further make sure you have a good backup!

We are sending the contract that we agreed on last week.

Please read through the attachment and return us the scan of the signed contract.

In this Example I’ve got an Exchange 2007 Server running on Server 2003 R2 x64.

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