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Does your partner tell you that you don’t have a sense of humor, or are making a big deal out of nothing when you complain about it? When your SO gets angry, do they ever take responsibility for their actions? Post 1: The Cycle of Violence Post 2: The Seven Characteristics of an Abuser Post 3: Quiz: Am I in an Abusive Relationship Post 4: How to Break Up with an Abuser Post 5: Healing after the Abuse Post 6: How to Avoid an Abuser in your Future Relationships Post 7: Vlog: My story of Abuse To keep up with out latest posts, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

Does your partner embarrass you, call you names, or make you feel stupid, either in private or in front of friends? Text you all the time to check up on you and expect you to answer his/her pages immediately? Are you embarrassed to tell you friends/family how your SO treats you? Do you feel pressured or forced into ANY type of sexual behavior by your SO? Has your SO ever threatened to commit suicide or hurt him/herself if you break up with him/her? GOD DOES NOT WANT YOU SUFFERING IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP.

Tell us what's better than Disney princesses and ice cream. And while you're thinking, let's see if we can figure out who your favorite Disney princess is!

What hairstyle should you rock on the first day of school?

Question you about where you’re going, who you’re spending time with, and what you’re doing? Get out of the relationship and pray God changes them one day. You are worth more than being someone’s punching bag, or being verbally and emotionally abused.

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