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The diamonds total 0.31 carats and the sapphires 0.04 carats and from top to bottom measure 2.9cm in length by 1.1cm wide at the cluster section.Fitted on very secure lever back fittings, these Art Deco sapphire and diamond earrings are just perfect for any time of the day or night.Gold Dating Membership Gold brings one-to-one introductions at your request.

The first time I actually began to appreciate Swiss luxury watches started in my late adolescence, when my father presented me with my paternal grandfather’s favorite timepiece: a vintage IWC Schaffhausen made in platinum, dating back to the 1960s.

My professional background isn’t within horology at all, but horology however is one of my few and true passions in life. The art of measuring time has existed for thousands of years since ancient Egypt and the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia.

My mother’s grandfather was a professional horologist, and I guess the passion for horology skipped a few generations. In 1275, mechanical clocks were invented in England. The mechanical clocks that have existed for centuries are the precursors of the modern wristwatches that we today take for granted. I love to talk about their origins, the history of the various Swiss luxury watch brands, analyzing and examining the quality, accuracy and durability of the movements, the steel grade, the price and the prestige and perception of various luxury watch brands, the technical and mechanical differences that set luxury watch brands apart from each other, and how to select a luxury watch brand and model that will appeal to your personality, your sense of fashion and aesthetics, and your sense of comfort.

Switzerland is not the only nation that produces luxury timepieces, but Swiss Made timepieces do evoke a feeling of quality, exclusivity and luxury that is highly coveted all over the world and set them apart from most non-Swiss brands.

Hey everyone, I am Alexander and I have been a Swiss Luxury Watch “fiend” since 2009.

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