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So far we have covered the mathematics of politics and dating and cities and music and we want to bring you a lot more.

The Relatively Season 3 Kickstarter aims to bring 12 new episodes of mathematical stories to the world, one a month for the next year.

From the 2013 Census , which is not yet available, the Census will report on same-sex couples.

For the 50 most common majors, the table below shows the rate at which people chose to marry others in that field for two degree couples.

Although he dated several women across the series, he was most involved in an on-again-off-again relationship with Whitley Gilbert across the series.

After working at a summer internship in Japan, he began a relationship with Kinu Owens.

She left Hillman at the end of her sophomore year to travel to Africa. He is best known for his flip up eyeglasses/shades and making unsuccessful advances on numerous women throughout his freshman year.

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