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“Of course I’m frustrated with Bronson, with all this dicking around he’s been doing. “Anyways, he’s been skipping practice and didn’t even make an appearance in the Michigan game.

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Friendships & Dating is a preventative program that teaches individuals with intellectual and related developmental disabilities how to develop and maintain healthy relationships.

Friendships & Dating has been shown to reduce instances of interpersonal violence and increase participant’s social network size.

The first class each week is held in a classroom setting and the second class will be held at different locations in the community to help reinforce skills participants learn in the classroom.

America’s “Real Life Hitch,” David Coleman, comes to UW-La Crosse with his humorous and challenging advice on creating and maintaining a good relationship. For more information, contact the Cartwright Center Information Counter at 608.785.8898 or visit

Friendships & Dating is designed to decrease rates of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

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