Personality testing and dating

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Find free IQ tests and psychology tests all at Hello!Online dating sites promise to use science to match you with the love of your life.We match you with people who share your attitudes, beliefs and values.

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Location: Townsville, Queensland Matched: September 2011 Danica: I was super keen to meet that special person and I thought that living in a capital city would maximise my chances of this.

Instead, I was finding that I was continuously disappointed by the men I was meeting; there was never a spark and I couldn’t see a future with them.

And even if you do, dating online can seem overwhelming with endless profiles to trawl through.

At e Harmony, we do the hard work for you by selecting your compatible matches and delivering them straight to your inbox.

After all, only by discovering what our members think and feel can we suggest partners who will be like-minded and give our users the best shot at finding long-term love.

Personality testing and dating

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