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Service here is lightning fast, and will have you back frolicking with the felines in a flash!Anyone that has ever been to Minneapolis knows that this city hordes some of the hottest women in the world.Dreamgirls over on North 5th Street in mesmerizing Minneapolis, is one of the wildest party playgrounds in the Metro area.

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The Minneapolis Police Department has been under siege from the public, politicians and others for the past week after the July 15 fatal shooting of 911 caller Justine Damond.

The 40-year-old Australian life coach was about a month away from her wedding when she was shot through a police cruiser window by one of two officers responding to her emergency call about an attempted rape in her neighborhood.

The officer was wearing a body camera, but the audio was muted on the section of video that showed him shooting and seriously injuring the two dogs, and the footage ultimately raised more questions than it answered.

Were the dogs growling, as Officer Michael Mays maintained in his official report of the July 8 incident in a fenced-in backyard on Queen Avenue North?

Alumni from all across the USA and around the world talk with pride about their wonderful memories and the great times at Lincoln and Lake Hubert.

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