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If Affleck indeed paid Górka and White, whatever they recovered likely came with ironclad legal guarantees that they never speak to anyone about the case.

Each is still listed in the , a 2017 war-crimes drama starring Peter Serafinowicz and Ben Kingsley.

They chatted with friends, posted pictures, and when they were tired, stretched out on their beds to rest.

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When I imagine an affair, a few things come to mind: steamy sex, clandestine hotel rooms, raunchy texts, scandal, the population of France—it’s all very cinematic.

But betrayal can be far less impressive than all that.

Ten years ago if someone had told you that in 2011 everyone would have a webcam in their home or in their pocket, and that the cost of video chat was going to be zero, how many of us would have predicted that people still wouldn’t use it? This has been on my mind for 2 days now, so here’s what I came up with…Cell phone cameras, and web cam lenses are always wide angle lenses.

Despite web cams being embedded everywhere, we just don’t video chat the way Star Trek, Back to the Future, and all the other futuristic films of the past thought we would.

A few weeks later, on October 4, 2010, both Górka and White separately filed requests that their lawsuits be dismissed.

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