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The Luminescence Dating Laboratory exists since 2003 and is a key research facility of the ‘Environmental Change’ research group.

The laboratory is located on the 7th floor of the Roxby building.

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Tammy Rittenour and Kerry Riley organized a successful 2016 Rocky Mountain Friends of the Pleistocene field trip to southern Utah in mid-October.

Chronologies have been developed for archaeological sites in Botswana and the U. The laboratory has mainly RISØ equipment and OSL ages are obtained using the reliable single-aliquot, regenerative-dose (SAR) protocol.

Luminescence dating, particularly using optically stimulated luminescence (OSL), is revolutionizing Quaternary and archaeological science because it allows dating of sediments and artifacts that perhaps 10 years ago could not be dated.

The DRILL is a research laboratory dedicated to fundamental investigations in the luminescence properties of earth materials and to the application of luminescence dating techniques to geomorphological, geological, and archeological problems.

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