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VSA - a database containing details of the services operating on the East Coast of South America, including tradelane, port rotation, vessel names and TEU and Reefer plug capacities, carriers, operators.

Terminals - database containing details of container terminals, updated by Datamar and the terminals themselves.

Web Ontology Language (OWL) provides an expressive language that facilitates data integration and analysis tasks.

Data validation is an important part of data integration and analysis tasks.

The consequences of having invalid data ranges from rather harmless application failures to serious errors in decision making process.

Additionally, the consequences of Hitler's existence are so monumental and all-encompassing that for anyone born after the war, it is likely that their birth was influenced in some way by its effects, and thus the lineage aspect of the paradox would directly apply in some way.

Some advocate a parallel universe approach to the grandfather paradox.

With Maven and Docker in place, we’ve got a software delivery mechanism ready to push priority bug fixes into your enterprise as soon as they’re ready.

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