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But then again, don’t just walk up to your crush out of the blue and tell them you like them. Most people make the big mistake of pouring their heart out to their crush without really planning it right.

Every day, one of Jo's friends delivers to her house a red and white polka dot box containing a note and a clue hinting at the day's events.

Each of the three guys takes Jo out on a unique date, close to his own heart.

To answer Hope's question...first of all, because we're MEN, silly!

Oddly enough I miss those things about him but it was interesting to know that my speculation was on the money. That was very informative, I just met an aquarius man online 2 wks ago we have been talking non stop literally, even while he is at work, very suave and everything that was mentioned was hit right on the head. i had an aquarius guy after me and i found him irresitable.

I’m having a difficult time feeling OK around my husband.

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