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by  |  01-Oct-2019 15:55

It’s so easy to get lost on the way to the relationship you desire, so please be gentle with yourself if you can relate to the descriptions below.

All of us women have taken the wrong road in our attempts to get close to a man – including myself.

Do you know the right way to truly connect with a man in such a way that he feels compelled to devote himself to you?

If you find that most of your relationships never quite get off the ground, then it’s possible you may have been taking the wrong road to the path of love.

I feel her new “rules for love” will give you guidelines and a structure to stand by to keep you constantly progressing forward with all your relationships with men.

Rather than give you an overview I want you to step through some of her best work.

Wrong Road #1: The Logical Road (MIND)As a smart, independent woman, you’re probably very good at shining during a discussion and engaging a man on an intellectual level.

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