Flirt with granny nurse dating former patient

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Piper, determined to get revenge on Jasper for breaking her glass hat, tells Jasper to use the girl's bathroom and she would stand out and tell him if anyone was coming.

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Whenever Grandma talks about the woman in the corner holding the baby, it keeps you up. Remember, dementia isn’t just about forgetting things. The woman in the corner holding the baby at 10 p.m.

Play the cheesy contemporary stuff; it repels them.

My grandmother has been married four times, often to younger men, and was known throughout my mother’s childhood, and much to the chagrin of my uncles, as the hottest mother on the block.

Retiring from men in her ’50s, she now quips that men are only good for two things: breeding and heavy lifting.

When Grandma starts to flirt with you because she thinks you’re her husband, run.

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