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ANCHORAGE, Alaska MAD MYRNA'S: You can't see BLAKE'S ON THE PARK: This spot has been a neighborhood institution for decades and remains the hub of Atlanta gayest area, Midtown.After the House of Commons was devastated by a German air raid in 1941, Winston Churchill reflected: “We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.” Just how directly buildings shape us — or rather our behaviour — remains a moot point, but a desire to reshape the physical environment of our cities after violence remains a perennial.

They needed to be: if you’re going to put whale phlegm in a drink, it’d better knock your horrified socks off.

Now, after a 12 month chameleonic victory lap, it’s over.

Transport for London is investing almost £250 million and the private sector £700 million, with the Mayor’s office underwriting a £500 million loan guarantee to developers.

Tottenham Hale, in the south-east corner of the area, is to get an even bigger Tube and rail station while, to the north, White Hart Lane’s £430 million football stadium will take bulbous shape by 2016 alongside the bulk of the recently completed Tottenham University Technical College (UTC) sponsored by Spurs and Middlesex University.

We burn hard and HIIT hard, incorporating explosive speed, footwork, strength but most of all willpower. Every music playlist we drop in our studios are specially curated by the best in the business.

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