Video female chatbots

by  |  01-Dec-2019 05:38

"Within a few years bots will be in the fabric of everything."Libin, who is now managing director at the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based venture capital fund General Catalyst, is investing in and working with startups that he believes will take bots mainstream.

Git Hub, the world's leading repository of open-source code, surveyed 5,500 open source users and developers from around the world on a range of topics. Only three percent identified as female and one percent as non-binary.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 22.6 percent of professional computer programmers are female.

Our case studies illustrate a number of ways in which major news outlets have utilized various messaging apps, each with its own niche characteristics.

Even most of the top bots on Product Hunt and elsewhere speak only one language, most often this is English.

About 16 percent of respondents said they belonged to ethnic or national groups that are in the minority in the country they live in.

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