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We come to a point where things can be put into much more of a chronological order: 1654 -- Queen Christina of Sweden abdicates the throne and takes on a male persona, "Count Dohna." Early 18th Century -- The epithet "Molly" originates with "molly houses," a term for effeminate gay brothels, noted for the presence of crossdressing.

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Now that we've binged the entire season (and are currently rewatching it), there is a lot to discuss and contemplate.

Here are the highlights and most interesting and important parts of "Transparent" Season 1, and our reactions: Duca: Let's start with the cross-dressing retreat.

Several outbreaks of civil disobedience also used transgender motifs, led by groups known as the Abbeys of Misrule (France and northern Italy, where leaders took titles like Mother, Dame and Princess), the Lords of Misrule and Abbots of Unreason (England and Scotland), Mère Folle and her Children, Mère Sotte and her Children, Mère d'Enfance, Madge Wildfire and Lady Skimmington, and later inspired other bands, such as Rebecca and her Daughters.

Other military actions were directed by modern Joans of Arc, such as Captain Alice Clark and La Branlaire.

1755 -- The first openly lesbian and transgender person, Charlotte Clarke, comes out by publishing "A Narrative of the Life of Mrs.

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