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But because your upgraded AC is quieter and more efficient, you find yourself using it more – perhaps unconsciously running it for more hours in a day or keeping your house cooler than you had before. If you had used the two AC units in the same way, your new unit would have saved you, let’s arbitrarily say, 100 watts of energy.

But now, because you’re using the new unit more, you’re only saving 60 watts of energy.

Medical consultation rooms are also in the ground floor, facing the street.

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But when she learns of this, she claims to have no memory of it.

Meaning that the guy took advantage of her when she was inebriated or he drugged her.

February, will mark the first day of treatment in the new Entrecampos Dialysis Center.

Patients and staff have many reasons to be happy with this important relocation.

When a reality TV show, that brings together single men and women in hopes of finding love, has a special live show.

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