Invalidating therapist

by  |  12-Feb-2020 08:37

In DBT the therapist must practice mindfulness, acceptance, and effectiveness.A therapist, using this technique, validates the client’s behavior regardless of how self-defeating or destructive the behaviors may be. Rather, the therapist may say, “This self-injuring behavior makes sense given your history, anxiety, etc. I know you have experienced this as soothing in the past.

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The difficulties experienced by individuals with BPD are varied and they often exhibit different patterns of behavior throughout their lives.

Their predisposition towards emotional vulnerability leads to extreme, long-lasting emotional reactions to life events and a slow return to a normal emotional state.

Medication with such high rates of adverse events would be withdrawn with immediate effect.

There was no difference in long-term outcomes between adaptive pacing therapy, CBT, GET and specialist medical care, and none of them were effective, invalidating the biopsychosocial model and use of CBT and GET for ME/CFS.

Individuals with BPD often feel as if they are living a life of quiet desperation and their sense of helplessness and isolation leave them at risk for substance abuse, self-harm and suicidal behaviors.

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