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The ship had a forward, ovoid hatch that split into several pocketed sections; the surrounding hull formed a pronounced ventral "sill" with two projecting spines.This ship was capable of traveling at speeds of up to at least warp 6, yet emitted no warp signature that Enterprise could detect.During Enterprise's encounter with the vessel, the crew of the former craft were unable to identify the composition of the wisp ship's hull, nor locate a transceiver.

” all the while secretly wishing sometimes that I could be, I’m not sure how I’ll handle it. And it feels like if I don’t put on a happy smile and say “probably not, we’ll see! Or am at least setting myself up for more comment along the lines of “don’t you know what causes that? /he should get “fixed.”And I also know that fertility is a gift.

I know some of you reading this may have a pit in your stomachs and wishing you were on my end of the fertility spectrum, and would maybe give anything to be in my shoes.

And for any pain reading these words causes you, I am truly sorry.

It’s not far off from my memory when we lost our first little one and tried to get pregnant for what felt like a life time.

The wisp ship was a starship inhabited by non-corporeal beings who were described as "wisps" by the crew of Enterprise NX-01.

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