Updating vmware esxi

by  |  06-Nov-2019 21:49

I recently had to patch such a host, so thought I’d run through the process here whilst saying a few words in general on patching hosts without using Update Manager.

updating vmware esxi-86updating vmware esxi-33updating vmware esxi-68

It's important to note that you can only update the VM Tools on guests other than Windows and Linux (such as Solaris, Free BSD, and mac OS) using the manual interactive method.

There is currently no automatic update for the VM Tools for these operating systems.

Our current HP ILO is 600. So here is my question : Which ILO should I select ? There may be an option to uninstall vendor-specific packages during the VUM update.

I'm not sure what's telling you about the ILO package. If you are performing this via the VUM and have the HP VIBs integrated into the workflow, use the newest.

It is important to update the VMware Tools in v Sphere on a regular basis.

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