girl on dating site loves cats - Are demi lovato and travis clark dating 2016

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Travis: It's weird but every song has a certain spot in my heart.

Nothing was just thrown on the record, everything was there for a reason and there because I wanted it to be there.

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She tweeted, “Bahahahahaha @travisrclark and I are NOT dating….

Demi has been in the studio a lot as of late, preparing for the upcoming themed tour and her junior album. Finished writing a song that I’m so proud to call my own!!

But when the two announced their split in early June, she was forced to deal with even MORE circulating stories about her life.

Dilmer was an item for six whole years, but that didn’t stop crazy dating rumors from spreading like wildfire.

Looks like Nick Jonas isn’t the only one extinguishing dating rumors — Demi Lovato has to do it too! It’s moments like these that make me never want to stop writing music..

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