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Here's Dave Ramsey on today's "Focus on the Family."Dave: In this lesson, we are going to be talking about relating with money. I'm sure it's not true, but it's funny and it makes my point, so I'm gonna use it anyway. And in our family, I think I tend to be, well, I think Jean and I have some of both. "Hey, I bought a frig today," or you know, somethin' like that. Jim: Jean's really conservative when it comes to clothing budget and all that.

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His net worth was reported at $6.4 million as of May 1, 1996.

In 2015, John told Barbara Walters in an interview that the death of Jon Benét and the ensuing investigation and cost of the case had cost him the entire family fortune.

Offering his expert advice on money management, radio host Dave Ramsey explains how couples can avoid conflict by negotiating a budget, and how they can teach their children wise financial principles.

(Part 1 of 2) John Fuller: On today's "Focus on the Family" Dave Ramsey has some advice for you, especially if you're having some financial difficulties. She needs an extra three to six non-sexual hugs a day.

and probably the best First Lady that we've ever had, his wife, Barbara. 3, free spirits, if you will work with your nerds on this, you will have the best quality relationship of any marriage you know. But free spirits, there's a phrase that you have been saying. You can never again say this phrase and you use it all the time. Sometimes you say things like, "Whatever you want to do, Honey." (Laughter) Wrong, "cop-out breath." (Laughter) You have to get in the game and place your vote. So, I don't know how that fits in, but opposites do attract. We hope today's program will spur some healthy financial discussions in your own family. And we'd recommend that you follow up by requesting Dave's book, .

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