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In our Sport & Culture Seminar we have sought to examine the significance of competition, its place and process, its virtues and vices, its ideological prominence and political inevitability in our culture.

To do so we have engaged some prominent voices and challenging texts.

Good business requires the right combination of smart technology and smart people.

You're more than likely going to click the green check mark to see the photo or video and just hope for the best, but if it turns out to be something you don't like, you can also choose to ignore all future direct messages from that user, as well as report it as inappropriate and block them entirely.

To ignore all future Instagram Direct messages from a specific user, you'll have to have the photo or video open that they sent you.

With on-the-go access to GAC at more than 300 offices, the free application enables users to search for contact details by service category, countries and name.

Users can even save the office and contact details to their personal phone address book.

The app is optimised for i Phone IOS 6 and above, Android version 2.3 and above as well as Black Berry version 10.

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