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In the book, Parker writes 34 separate letters to men she's encountered throughout her life, including "Dear Risk Teacher," "Dear NASA," and "Dear Mr. This is still wrong." The driver then asks Parker to refrain from swearing at him, but she continued shouting until she was kicked out of the taxi.

You." Among the dozens of letters, none appear to directly mention Crudup, with whom Parker shares an 11-year-old son named William. Instead, it details Parker's fragile emotional state in the wake of her split in the form of a confrontation with a NYC cabbie. "I don't want you anymore," the driver told the then-pregnant star.

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Through the work I do, through what they read, through this story, through how I've represented myself in some speech I haven't done a great job of, or through a paparazzo I've lost my temper with and given the finger to.

after they were spotted holding hands in New York City over the weekend.

(Libby Hill)“You can stay in that pool of being a go-to actor for a year, maybe a few years,” he said.

“But there are only what, 15, 20 people in that pool at any one time?

K."We all have that resentment at times and anxiety about being trapped by the role, that responsibility.

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