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Oh, and a bonus open-container violation if you opt to bring some booze on this outing.

How to pull it off despite our unwavering disapproval: Everyone knows that legal marijuana in Denver is plentiful these days, but actually indulging in public is still a no-go.

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How to pull it off despite the fact that we do not condone this: OK, it’s not really the same as watching from inside the amphitheater, but if you park in the upper south lot, jump a small fence, and climb the hill to the west, you’ll find a whole new way to experience a Red Rocks concert.

This is a pretty popular option though, so be sure to respect the order of the unofficial line that tends to form at the fence.

This 180-day filing deadline may be extended to 300 days if the charge also is covered by a state or local anti-discrimination law.

These time limits do not apply to claims under the Equal Pay Act, because under that Act persons do not have to first file a charge with EEOC in order to have the right to go to court.

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