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Raymond Fisman Director, Social Enterprise Program Age: 39 Institution: Columbia Business School Hometown: London, Ontario Marital Status: Married Children: Erin, 2 years old; Charlie, 3 months Education: Harvard University, Ph D, Business Economics Mc Gill University, BA, Economics and Mathematics Courses: The Private Sector & International Development Managerial Economics At Columbia Business School Since: 1999 Before Columbia: The World Bank, Consultant, Africa Technical Division and Development Economics Research Group Fun Fact – “I used to run a dating service—strictly for research purposes.” Professor Raymond Fisman is best known for his study of gangsters; economic gangsters that is.The Lambert Family Professor of Social Enterprise and director of the Social Enterprise Program shines a spotlight on the determinants of global corruption, altruism, and corporate social responsibility.

Switching tactics, she tells her next partner that she’s a stewardess. That was back in 2000, already well past the heyday of the stay-at-home housewife. economists found that single women in an elite MBA program responded to a career survey with lower salary targets and acceptable levels of work travel if they thought their responses might be visible to their classmates.

But social mores are slow to change, and based on some new research from American and Swedish researchers, ambitious and successful women are—to this day—still penalized in the marriage market. In Sweden—a leader in gender-equity policies—a study found that when women take on leadership positions in politics or business, it doubles their chances of divorce.

In their study of career ambitions of MBA women, economists Leonardo Bursztyn, Thomas Fujiwara, and Amanda Pallais use data from a survey of newly enrolled students at an unnamed elite business school, conducted for the purposes of helping with internship placements.

Students were randomly assigned to receive one of two surveys that were identical but for a single word.

In other words, Professor Fisman is interested in what makes people, companies, and governments do bad things.

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