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When trying to convince you to go out with him, he mentions the success rate of his other dates. He tells you what time to meet but shows up 20 minutes after that. When the table wobbles at dinner, he gets the engineer at the next table to fix it, but still takes credit for it. He always asks if he can ask a question before he asks a question. Instead of asking the waiter how the chicken is, he says, “What’s your poultry story? He argues with you using bullet points in a Powerpoint presentation. He spends so long stack ranking different movie options that you miss the movie. Picking a sexual position always involves A/B testing. He likes his pillow talk in a 15-minute standup format.

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Lucky I’m in love with my best friend, just like you said it Colbie Caillat.

Some people start out as best friends and grow into a deeper relationship.

And their lies can really impact your relationship in a negative way.

Do you feel like your partner is constantly telling fibs about everything, even small details?

If the person you’re dating never makes the effort, you might want to reconsider things.

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