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This experiment in human exploitation proved highly successful and caused the largest diaspora to take place in the Indian Ocean.Figure 1: Imperial (yellow), slave (red) and indentured (green) arrivals in Mauritius from the later medieval to the early modern period. I'm not searching for Mr.perfect but somebody who is trustworthy, honest and have a sense of commitment.

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Port Louis - It’s a small country, Mauritius, or, as Pauline will later say, “Mauritius hardly exists on the map.

It’s not really southern Africa, it’s not really east Africa.”The 45-minute taxi ride to Quatre Bornes from our paradise beach hotel crosses half the island.

These include the islands of Reunion, Rodrigues and the most famous of all - Mauritius.

Mauritius is just 42 miles long and 29 miles wide, and has only been inhabited since the 17th Century, but already has a rich and varied history and is famous for many things.

See that extract which says, I quote, “Never carry meat products during travel otherwise ghosts, evil spirits and dark demons would follow you.

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