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Maison Rouard Grailhe, Henri (FR) Grand Chêne, Le (FR) Grande, Giovanni & Inès (IT) Arabia Halpern, Lea (NL) 1899-1985 Hamada, Shoji (Japan) 1894-1978 Hameln, Kunsttöpferei (DE) Handschin, (CH, Basel) Hansen, Rolf (NO) Harning, Mette (DK) ("MH") Harrison, Nic (GB) 1949 Haussmann, Fritz (CH, Uster) Hedberg, Hans (SE) 1917 Hedegaard, Johannes (DK) 1915-1999 50's) Hillfon, Hertha (SE) Hinrichsen, Eigil (DK) ("EH") Hirlet, Michel and Andrée (FR) Hjorth, Lauritz 1834-1912 and Erik Hjorth 1906-1982 (DK, Bornholm) Hostede-Crull, Wolthera Hendrika (NL) 1900-1966 Hobbel, Paulus Jacob (NL) 1879-1966 Hobbel, Maria (NL) 1881-1959 Höganäs (SE) Hohlt, Görge (DE) Holdcroft, Joseph (GB) Holland, William Fishley (GB) Holm, Ake (SE) Holman, Derk (NL) 1916-1982 Holmes, David (GB) Shapinsay, Orkney Holzer Kjellberg, Friedl (Fin) Arabia Hoy, Agnete (DK/GB) 1914 Hoyland, Irwin (GB) Hubers, Dirk (NL) 1913- Hurn, Tim (GB) 1964 I ICS, Industria Ceramica Salernitana (IT) Innocenti, Jacques (FR) (1926-1958) Vallauris Imbert-Amoudruz, Hélène & Charles (CH) Menelika Imobersteg, Isabelle (CH) Ipsen Enke, P Terrakottafabrik (DK) 1843-1955 Ivanoff, Vassil (FR) (1897-1973) Vallauris Ivora (NL) factory 1914-1965 J Jacques, René (FR) Jacquet, Paul (FR, Savoie) Jasba (DE) Johgus (DK) Bornholm Jeanneney, Paul (FR) Jobs, Lisbet & Gocken (SE) 1919-19-1995 Johansen, Einar (EJO) (DK) Alumina & Royal Copenhagen ("MJ") Jolain, Mado (FR) (1921-) Jong, Ilse de (NL) 1936-1996 Joulia, Elisabeth (FR) (1925-) Jourdain, Francis (FR) (1876-1958) Jouve, Georges (FR) (1910-1964) Jeppesen, Anni (SE) Juist (DE) Karlsruhe Lambercy, Philippe (CH) 1919 Lancern, Claudio, Ancona (IT) Lanel, Luc & Marjolaine (FR) Langelot, Ib (DE) 1924 Lanooy, Chris (NL, Gouda) Lachenal, Edmond (FR) 1855-1930 Lachenal, Raoul (FR) 1885-1956 usine Boulogne-sur-Seine Lallemant, Robert (FR) 1902-1954 Paris Langmans, Willy (BE) cont.

The harbour was protected by shoals, by seventy or more heavy guns in the Trekroner fort and by the cannon of nineteen dismasted warships moored in a line a mile-and-a-half long.

Nelson decided to attack from the weakest, south-eastern end of the Danish defences and spent hours in small boats planning exactly how buoys should be placed to guide his squadron through a narrow and dificult channel for the attack.

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