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Flash Player supports vector and raster graphics, 3D graphics, an embedded scripting language called Action Script, and streaming of video and audio.Action Script is based on ECMAScript, and supports object-oriented code, and is similar to Java Script.

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Each server license included 5 licenses for the Flex Builder IDE.

Adobe significantly changed the licensing model for the Flex product line with the release of Flex 2.

The Flex 3 SDK was released under the open source Mozilla Public License in 2008.

Consequently, Flex applications can be developed using standard Integrated development environments (IDEs), for example Intelli J IDEA, Eclipse, the free and open source IDE Flash Develop, as well as the proprietary Adobe Flash Builder. It is released under version 2 of the Apache License.

The core Flex 2 SDK, consisting of the command-line compilers and the complete class library of user interface components and utilities, was made available as a free download.

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