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It had a jukebox and a pool table housed in a dark stale room that promised mystery and perhaps a bit of danger. After tipping a few I could wander out to watch boats make weigh from interior lakes to Puget Sound and see farmed salmon fight their way up a "fish ladder,” in training for the real world.

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Many, many folks in the technology, startup and marketing fields come to visit Seattle each year for big events like SMX, Mozcon, SIC and Techstars Demo Day.

And in the past, plenty of you have emailed members of our staff asking a critically important question: "Where should I go to eat and drink?

If you’re looking for an authentic Alaskan experience, then head to downtown Anchorage and stop by Darwin’s Theory.

As the name would suggest, Darwin’s Theory is laid-back and quirky. Phoenix’s Positano Winecafé offers an extensive wine list to be enjoyed alongside locally sourced cuisine.

If there are two things Jason Stratton is partaking in these days it's opening his new restaurant, Aragona, and drinking cocktails. "I love different spaces for different reasons," says Stratton of his picks.

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