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Here are just a few pieces of relationship advice we're pretty sure your mama didn't give you.1. You know that thing you've always wanted to try, but keep to yourself? Keeping your sex life new and interesting will make you and your partner happier in and out of the bedroom.2. Remember when you first got with your significant other and everything was fun and exciting?

Sex is an integral part of healthy and happy relationships, hence the stress on keeping lines of communication open in the bedroom.

She’s entered your heart and your mind — but not your world. Let us open your eyes to a world of beautiful women and experience a new depth of love that comes once in a lifetime.

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Dear Abiola, I’m in love and having sex with two men. I have never been a woman that cheats or really understood why people do it. I was there when everyone turned their backs on him, emotionally, physically and financially. He has done some things that most women would fall apart over. I thought I had gotten over the things he did but I would find myself looking at him in disgust and hating him. I started a friendship with someone that gave me everything.

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