Flirt cams chat colombiane - Updating whois information

by  |  17-Mar-2020 17:05

As the domain's registrant, you're required to provide accurate and reliable contact information, and promptly update it as necessary during the domain's registered term.

And as the domain's registrar, we're required to verify the accuracy of the contact information you've provided.

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This article explains how to update the public WHOIS information associated with your domain name registered with DNSimple.

To check the existing public WHOIS record for a domain you can use our WHOIS tool.

You no longer need to log in to your CIRA account to approve the changes for your . Please note that in some cases the registrant information updates may be locked for 60 days.

CA domain can be made directly via your Namecheap account.

How this works is when you have purchased your domain name from any of the organizations accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), these agencies report the WHOIS information provided upon the domain purchase to the official WHOIS database.

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