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This information in the SQLCA and the SQLCODE field is updated after every API call for the SQL statement. Positive means successful execution with a warning. -007 STATEMENT CONTAINS THE ILLEGAL CHARACTER character -010 String constant beginning string is NOT TERMINATED. -060 Invalid type Specification: "Spec" -079 QUALIFIER FOR DECLARED GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE table-name MUST BE SESSION, NOT qualifier -084 Unacceptable SQL Statement. -110 Invalid Hexadecimal Literal Beginning "STRING" -111 A Column Function does not include a column name.

-097 THE USE OF LONG VARCHAR OR LONG VARGRAPHIC IS NOT ALLOWED IN THIS CONTEXT -101 Statement is Too Long, or Too Complex. -112 The Operand of a Column function is Another Column Function.

Chrome My SQL Admin provides you the administration GUI of My SQL server. Currently, the following features are providing: * Connect to My SQL server (4.1 or later). * Can connect to My SQL server via SSH2 Port forwarding. * Execute inputted query string and display the result. Version 4.4.0: November 6, 2015 - Added a new feature to export all databases.

* Display the statistics and process list of connected server (refresh automatically). Version 4.3.0: December 27, 2014 - Show known host's fingerprints on Configuratin panel.

The database is monitored for new or deleted tables and adapts automatically.

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