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by  |  01-Mar-2020 21:40

Being cheated on is one of the most painful, shattering experiences, one that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. You feel betrayed, your trust is destroyed, your self-esteem is ravaged, and you can’t stop questioning what you did wrong and what signs you must have missed.

There is a great deal of debate about the different types of cheating.

The debate arises when people question whether infidelity has occurred with people who are just having an emotional or spiritual connection with someone.

According to a shocking survey of 2,000 adulterers, European men stray because they can’t resist the temptation of the other person.

However, the second most common justification for cheating was more emotional, with many men saying they decided to be unfaithful because the other person was really there for them.

Most people agree that infidelity occurs when you have sexual intercourse with someone else besides your mate.

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