Most intimidating fantasy football team names

by  |  30-Aug-2019 03:05

For our “227 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names – 2015”, we pulled out all the stops.

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Fantasy Football is all about inside information, beating your friends, and all kinds of trash talk, but what we love the most are fantasy football team names that range from flat to corny to outrageous.

We got a bit excited this year and decided that some of the team names we were seeing in our leagues just straight-up were not up to snuff and so we did something about it by creating the Fantasy Football Name Generator.

Except for perhaps Fantasy Football novices, everyone knows how important it is to have the perfect fantasy football team name for your league. We’ll feature fantasy names within the teams galleries.

Let’s face it, even if you do no research on which players to draft, you can walk into your draft armed with the ESPN app and get pretty close to picking the best player available. We’re always on the lookout to add to our list of 227 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names – 2015.

) Chronicles of Riddick Runnin’ Fools Over Like Christine (If we have to explain this one to you, then you don't deserve to have a team name this cool.) Boom Boom Powell Keep Choppin’ Woodhead Bringin’ the Woodhead Take ‘em to the Woodhead Land of the Freeman Parker/Lewis Can’t Lose (Is it worth overdrafting De Vante Parker and an injured Dion Lewis just to get this team name?

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