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The pilot programme features Gemma, who has hit back at negative comments posted online by both men and women about the programme ahead of its airing on Monday.Some of the comments were about the appearance of the women taking part.Shrouded in grief, the Green Pond High School yesterday was the scene of unimaginable despair and anger as news spread that 15-year-old Shineka Gray, a 10th grade student who had gone missing since Sunday, was found dead Wednesday afternoon in bushes. Gray was last seen after attending the funeral of a former Green Pond High student in Lottery, St James, earlier on Sunday.

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At least five students fainted as grief-stricken schoolmates tried to deal with the situation.

Principal Michael Ellis told THE WEEKEND STAR that the students were taken to hospital for observation and medical assistance. This comes as a complete shock to us here at Green Pond.

Almost a third of female Irish applicants made it onto the site.

But less than one in 10 Irish men that applied to the website were let in.

Shineka was a quiet and pleasant student," Ellis said.

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"Coming from doing television for so long, sometimes you have to stay on book and the words are very important," he explained.…
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